About Us

Why Shop At CraveTheVape?

  We have been personal buyers in this industry for years and one thing we’ve discovered is among all the online retailers there are a lot of inconsistencies when it comes to quality. This is due to retailers just blindly buying in bulk with no concern over the many variables that occur during production. So we decided to change that.

  We’ve established deals with all our suppliers to have our inventory hand picked for premium allocation of their merchandise. It costs us more than the other online retailers pay, but to us it’s worth it to bring you the absolute best of the best that your favorite brands have to offer. If you’re willing to pay a few dollars more to get the first off the line juice with the most consistent flavor profile in every bottle or the mods with the best hit retention then you’re in the right place.

  Try us once and you’ll never want to shop anywhere else, we guarantee it. If you’re unsatisfied with anything we’ll give your money back and replace it free of charge. If you CraveTheVape, then welcome home ^_^